Google down in August 2013 search market share

By Rachel Hand topicIcon SEO

Google decline continues

The UK search engine market share stats for August 2013 have been published by visitor counter service StatCounter Global Stats.

The results show that and received a combined total search volume of 89.11 per cent in August 2013. This is another dip of 0.38 compared to its July search engine market share of 89.49 per cent; it's the lowest market share for the search giant in the last 12 months, and the fourth consecutive month of decline.

Meanwhile, rival search engines have continued their upward trajectory. Bing has climbed by 0.24 to an all-time high of 6.35 per cent of UK search volume, while Yahoo climbed to 3.22 per cent. Other search engines obtained a reasonably steady combined total of 1.32 per cent, with the top contenders including AOL, Ask Jeeves, Babylon and Conduit.

Google downtime to blame?

On 16 August, Google suffered a five minute outage affecting its search services. The ensuing drop in traffic is thought to have cost Google half a million dollars - however, a traffic spike immediately following the search engine's return to full working order may have cancelled out any impact on monthly volume. Furthermore, the fact that August is the fourth month in a row that has seen search volume marginally decrease for the market leader may indicate that this is an as yet unexplained trend, rather than an anomaly caused by the downtime.

Top August search trends

According to Google Trends, the fastest-rising UK search terms in August 2013 were mostly related to the start of the football season - fantasy football, Premier League, BT sport, BBC sport and Arsenal all saw huge jumps in search volume. Also powering into the top ten was Miley Cyrus, despite her infamous performance occurring on the 25th of the month.

Below are the UK search engine market share stats for August 2013 in full, using data from StatCounter Global Stats:

UK Search Engine August 2013 share (%) July 2013 share (%) Change
Google 89.11 89.49 -0.38
Bing 6.35 6.11 +0.24
Yahoo 3.22 3.01 +0.21
Others 1.32 1.39 -0.07