Google dominant in UK search engine market

Google keeps the crown

The UK search engine market is still dominated by Google, according to stats published by Experian Hitwise.

The intelligence service revealed that for the four weeks leading to 9 April 2011, and combined received 90.02 per cent of UK searches. This is a minor increase on Google's 89.97 per cent of March 2011 search engine market share. Meanwhile, competitors Bing and Yahoo each saw small losses, now at 4.24 per cent and 2.93 per cent respectively.

The story is much the same for the US search engine market. Although Google's share is much less comfortable at 64.42 per cent, it remains way ahead of Yahoo (15.69 per cent) and Bing (14.32 per cent).

Social and search terms

For the week ending 9 April 2011, the fastest-moving search terms related to the Grand National and Peter Andre, rumoured to have split from his girlfriend. In social media, the most-used term of the week was 'tilt' - a bit of April Fool's fun from Google, where entering this word in the search engine on an iPhone would skew the screen to the right.

Killing the competition

Earlier this month, Microsoft was reported to have approached the EU regarding Google's anti-competitive behaviour, which it claims has resulted in the search giant's market dominance. Here is how minute losses for competitors compare to Google's slight gains over the past month:

UK Search Engine April 2011 share (%) March 2011 share (%) Change (%)
Google 90.02 89.97 +0.05
Bing 4.24 4.29 -0.05
Yahoo 2.93 3.00 -0.07
US Search Engine April 2011 share (%) March 2011 share (%) Change (%)
Google 64.42 64.30 +0.12
Yahoo 15.69 15.93 -0.24
Bing 14.32 14.54 -0.22