Google discourages the use of article directories

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Article directories are a no-go confirms Cutts

Article directory submission is a link building technique that fell out of favour with webmasters many years ago.

However, it appears that some site owners are still choosing to use article directories in a bid to build keyword rich backlinks to their site.

Head of webspam at Google Matt Cutts has spoken out to confirm that article directory submission is not an effective tactic, with many directories simply leading to lower quality content being "sprayed" across the web.

He also mentioned that article directory spam is something that Google is now choosing to filter and even penalise, as he said: "We certainly have some algorithmic things that would mean it is probably a little less likely to be successful now compared to a few years ago, for example".

Avoiding article directory submission

Mass article directory submission is a tactic where site owners produce articles that include author bios at the bottom, which usually contain a number of keyword rich anchor texts. These are then distributed to a number of article directory sites.

However, with many article distribution sites containing low-grade, stolen and duplicate content, and obviously not being seen as quality in the eyes of Google, it is something that is not worth thinking about, especially with the presence of duplicate content filters and link penalties.

Natalie Booth, head of search at theEword, has said: "We would advise against the use of article directories at present. Rather than being beneficial, mass article directory submissions are actually an ineffective and time wasting tactic that could prove costly and damaging if penalised by Google."