Google creates SEO cheat sheet for beginners

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Google cheat sheet

Google has created an online guide for webmasters looking to take their first steps into search engine optimisation.

Designed for total beginners and webmasters who have previously not given much thought to search, the SEO cheat sheet provides basic tips on how to make a site search engine-friendly.

The one-page list consists of three sections which pinpoint different stages to complete so that Google can gain a better understanding of the content of a site, and increase its visibility in search engines. The tips are also designed to help newcomers recognise how to optimise a site for its users.

Three tips for beginning webmasters

The Google SEO cheat sheet concentrates on the following points:

1) Search results - Google advises that a page title should be informative, concise and a clear description of a page, while an explanatory and easy-to-read domain name and sub pages are essential. Also, it highlights that Meta descriptions should act as page summaries.

2) Images - to help Google understand images, its guide suggests that webmasters should use short, informative file names, the "alt" attribute and place a short caption below the image.

3) Regular updates - Google has also highlighted the importance regularly producing useful content so that a site remains fresh, up-to-date and relevant.

In a Google Webmaster Central Blog introducing the Google SEO cheat sheet, search quality strategist Kaspar Szymanski said: "We hope this content will help those who are just about to start their webmaster adventure or have so far not paid too much attention to search engine-friendly design."

Google Fellow Amit Singhal has also recently talked about how to optimise a site for Google at SXSW, stating that creating high quality content should be a vital consideration for those looking to rank highly.

Natalie Booth, head of search at theEword, said: "The Google guide for beginners is likely to become a useful resource for newcomers, and it ensures that those starting out also have an opportunity to optimise their site for search engines and users."