Google Caffeine feedback invited

By Daniel Nolan topicIcon SEO

Google Caffeine previewed

A new trial version of the Google search engine has been unveiled that its developers claim will improve SERPs.

In an official webmaster blog post, Google stated that a large team has been secretly working on a "next-generation architecture" dubbed Caffeine for several months and they have now decided to roll out a preview version.

The Caffeine revamp apparently represents the first step in a process to improve the search engine's results in terms of speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness and a range of other undisclosed factors.

While the overhauled infrastructure may pass unnoticed by casual web browsers, the technology giant has indicated that "web developers and power searchers might notice a few differences".

Consequently, high-end users are being invited to test out Caffeine and provide feedback on matters such as what type of websites seem to perform well and which websites suffer under the new system.

Google has not given a timetable of when it expects the Caffeine update will go live but stressed that "some parts of this system aren't completely finished yet".

Google's rivals join forces

The news comes just a week after rivals Microsoft and Yahoo signed an agreement to work together in a bid to tackle Google's search dominance.

Under the terms of the deal, Microsoft's new Bing search engine will power Yahoo's organic and paid search for the next ten years.

Meanwhile, Microsoft and Yahoo's premium search offerings will be managed exclusively by the latter's global relationship sales force.

The agreement is subject to regulatory approval, which Microsoft has stated it is hopeful of obtaining in early 2010.