Google brings custom search ads to mobile apps

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A development in mobile ads

Google has announced its plans to introduce custom search ads to mobile apps, allowing users to view ads that are tailored around their searches.

Earlier this week, Google announced its range of new mobile search ad formats. The company has given further details on one of the recent products following great interest from app developers, businesses and smartphone users.

The introduction of custom search ads in mobile apps will enable people to view adverts which are relevant to their app searches. Tailoring mobile ads to mobile app searches is set to give users increasingly useful answers to their search queries. The custom search ads will be available in Android and iOS applications, but only when an app contains custom search functions.

How mobile ads help

As well as improving the search results for mobile app users, Google is also aiming to help app developers expand their business through the use of mobile ads. Linous Chou, product manager for Google Mobile Ads, stated: "Users will receive ads relevant to what they're looking for, and our developer partners will have a new tool to monetize their great content and services."

The introduction of mobile ads in apps with custom search functions should also help those businesses who are placing the adverts. Mark Baker, online marketing manager at theEword, stated: "Mobile ads that relate to a custom search give users an incentive to click-through. The introduction of custom advertising on mobile apps will help businesses to receive more relevant traffic to their site from mobiles, which will also make it essential for businesses to own a quality mobile site."