Google Analytics launches Real Time API in Beta

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Google has launched the Google Analytics Real Time Reporting API Beta

The Real Time Reporting API in Beta will give invited Google Analytics users the opportunity to make queries about their real-time site data.

Google first introduced real-time reporting in Google Analytics over two years ago. However, the search engine giant has since recognised that while the immediate data is a positive source of information for site owners, users cannot make full use of the figures. Members of the Real Time Team said in a Google Analytics blog post: "It's not realistic to sit at your computer 24/7 and take advantage of these insights."

The launch of real-time analytics will help to combat this issue, giving users the opportunity to create queries regarding the immediate data and use the information to take action to improve their site.

What to expect from Real Time Reporting Beta

With the Real Time Reporting API, there are a number of queries site owners can make, which include:

  • Live visitor counter
  • Top visited URLs
  • Traffic sources
  • Visitor location

Google has offered an example of how the live visitor counter can be particularly beneficial to e-commerce sites. According the company, a vacation rental business used the Real Time API to make a query about the number of active visitors. They then used the information to create a widget that placed a real-time active visitor count on conversion pages, which in turn led to an increase in conversion rates and revenue.

Google has also recently made other changes to Google Analytics, launching new segmentation tools and features in order to help users make better faster decisions.

Natalie Booth, head of search at theEword, said: "Having the opportunity to make queries on real-time data that suit your needs will give site owners and marketers an opportunity to recognise new improvement opportunities, particularly with regards to the content on their site."