Google adds app content to search worldwide

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App indexing in Google search goes global

Google has announced that Android app content will be indexed in search results worldwide.

In December, the feature was launched exclusively in the US. Since then, users in the country have been able to search in Google and open up relevant results from the apps installed on their phone directly from search results pages.

Only a select number of apps were available at this early stage. 24 extra apps including Goodreads, Eventbrite, Tumblr and Pinterest have since been added to the feature.

When announcing the global expansion of the feature, software engineer at Google Jaehyun Yeom said: "this makes it easier for you to find stuff on your phone, no matter what app it's in."

At present, only English content will be indexed. However, Google has suggested that it aims to involve publishers in all other languages.

App indexing in Google Search

For developers wanting the content of their app to appear in search results, Google has provided guidelines on how to get an app indexed in Google search as well as an app indexing checklist.

Together, these cover how to add deep link support to an Android app, specify these links on your website and your sitemap and notify Google by filling out the relevant form.

Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword, has said: "At present, Google is only indexing content from 37 different apps. As the feature has now gone global, it is likely that more apps will want to become involved in order to improve their visibility and usage."