Facebook set for redesign

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New Facebook profiles coming March 7

Facebook is set to launch a new look for the highly popular social networking service, with profile changes expected to launch on March 7.

The redesigned layout for the social media platform will be the first significant changes since Facebook graph search was announced in January. The profile changes are expected to put greater emphasis on content uploaded by users, such as photos, videos and links to external material such as blog posts or news articles.

A further change to the service will see the user's timeline split in half, with the left side displaying an expanded 'About' section, and the right side containing the familiar status updates, photos and videos which Facebook users have become so accustomed to over the years. Groups will also have a greater focus, with users to be encouraged to 'like' and interact with more pages.

Facebook continues to lead social media market

In the past, users of the social networking giant have reacted negatively to any changes, in particular the introduction of the timeline feature. However, a study in January revealed that the total number of Facebook users was at a new high, with 27 million active members in the United Kingdom alone. This suggests that even if some users find it hard to adapt to the updated version of the service, Facebook will continue to be highly popular.

Tom Glass, creative director at theEword commented: "There are many examples of social media websites declining in popularity by failing to adapt to the changing needs of the market, including Bebo and MySpace. When this is combined with the increasing popularity of Twitter, it is essential that Facebook continues to evolve to keep itself at the top of the social media market. While the full extent of these changes will not be fully revealed until the statement from Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday, it certainly seems as if they are working hard to stay on top."