Digital Britain report released

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Digital Britain report released

Lord Carter, the government minister for communications, technology and broadcasting, has released the final version of the Digital Britain report.

The investigation, commissioned in 2008, investigates the challenges facing digital Britain in the 21st Century.

The scope of the report is vast; covering topics such as illegal file-sharing and the supply of super-fast broadband across the UK.

The 245-page document also suggests a number of policies and outlines the legislation necessary for Britain to establish itself as a leader in the global digital market.

Key actions suggested in the report include:

  • Nationwide access to broadband by 2012. 50p broadband tax on all fixed-line telephone users to fund the scheme
  • Legal action taken against repeat file-sharers, including bandwidth reduction and protocol blocking
  • £300 million Home Access scheme to ensure PCs in all low-income households

Reaction to the report has been mixed. John Whittingdale, Conservative MP, said that the report had some positive steps, although he questioned whether the government had time to legislate the proposals before the next general election.

"I think it is more substantial than I feared it might be. There are some good things in it,