Collecta to launch real-time search this month

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Service aims to update search by ten years

A new search engine that gathers real-time web content in one rolling service is being prepared for launch this month.

Collecta accumulates data such as tweets from Twitter, Flickr photos and blog posts as soon as they are published, producing a feed of real-time information. This includes text, links and images.

Currently, the website provides two examples of what Collecta can do using the search terms 'Barack Obama' and 'swine flu' in real time.

Using the Barack Obama example, the search starts instantly. Within seconds, results tracking news and comment about the US President appear.

Critics have pointed out there isn't a link-indexing system in place, or any PageRank. The full service has not been rolled out, however.

The Collecta team wrote in their blog that an API - code that allows users to feature feeds on other sites - will feature once the full site is live.

Most 'powerful' real-time search?

The home page says Collecta is "the web's most powerful real-time search engine".

It also professes to be a cutting-edge service, stating: "Why are we still searching like it is 1999?" and that the site is a "new way to experience the web".

Collecta's staff members include CEO Gerry Campbell, who was previously president of search and content technologies for Reuters, and creative director Derek Powazek. He is the former creative director of Blogger and Technorati.