Bing vouches for the importance of Schema

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Why add Schema markup?

Senior product manager at Bing Duane Forrester has explained that adding Schema markup to content is something that is worth doing for search engines.

Schema is a markup language used to help search engines better understand and identify content. In a Bing Search Blog named Mark It Up, Forrester said that Bing and other search engines use the data to help "make richer search experiences" for users.

Schema can also be beneficial to site owners who implement the markup language, as it can lead to content having a higher click through rate. However, Forrester was quick to clear up any potential confusion, saying that having Schema markup does not equate to higher rankings.

Enabling a rich search experience

Forrester explained that Schema markup has become so important due to the evolution of search.

As search is no longer just about entering a query into a box, and has moved towards apps, voice search and mobile search, a search engine should now be seen as "an answer engine, or data engine". By marking up content, site owners can help search engines to better understand what their content is, and also enable them to provide users with more accurate search results.

To sum up the importance of marking up content, Forrester said: "The bottom line here is this. If you're marked up, and we enable a rich search experience, the opportunity for inclusion is much greater."

Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword has said: "By marking up content with Schema, site owners have the opportunity to drive more traffic and improve click-through rates, especially for transaction-based search queries if their products or services are competitively priced."