Apple to switch search engine to Bing on Siri

Apple switches Siri's default search engine to Bing

Yesterday Apple launched the new iOS 7 update, with Siri's default search engine set to Bing rather than Google.

After the iOS 7 upgrade, when users ask Siri to "search the web" for an answer it will use Bing to find it. This has caused speculation in the SEO community about what will happen for existing third party providers for Siri; for instance when finding sports scores and weather, where will Siri search?

The conversation has started today after Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in California yesterday, where the company announced the launch alongside more new members to the Apple family including the next generation Mac Book Air and Mac Book Pro.

A topic for SEO companies to consider now may be the importance of voice searches, and whether this new integration of Bing could mean a fresh set of best practices tailored to the Microsoft search engine.

What this could mean for Siri's future

Siri's capabilities have been upgraded within the iOS 7 update which increases the potential for more users to utilize the service, rather than the Google app. The iOS refresh could dramatically boost Siri's presence in the search domain; particularly now that its search area has expanded to incorporate both Wikipedia and Twitter.

The corporation's last update, iOS 6, unsuccessfully tried to replace Google Maps in favour of Apple's own route finder application before having to bring Google Maps back onto the software. Users will still be able to search Google on Siri if the engine is specified, and it will also remain the default search engine on Apple devices.

Natalie Booth, head of search at theEword said: "Apple know the value of their upgrades in order to stay relevant, and there's always a lot of speculation when they're announced.

"However, time will tell if Siri using Bing as a default will have any impact on the way we use search engines, because at the moment voice search still lags behind using a browser in the popularity stakes."