GMCC MIPIM 2017 Review

By Alex Coe topicIcon Property

Although not fortunate enough to have been at MIPIM ourselves, theEword were lucky enough to attend last night’s ‘MIPIM 2017 Review’ event, hosted by Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.

Here’s our round up.

Who was there and what took place?

As well as networking and a presentation from the team at Project MIPIM, we also saw GMCC Chairman, Phil Cusack, host the panel discussion which reviewed MIPIM –  the world’s largest property event.

The panel included the following MIPIM veterans:

The event was sponsored by TEM Group.

What was said?

  1. The panel kicked off by reviewing Manchester’s MIPIM exhibition stand, as organised by Marketing Manchester.

The general consensus was that the Manchester stand was

  • Perfect for showcasing Manchester on the international stage
  • Vast, bright and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the likes of Istanbul and Dubai
  • Coherent and unified in its message
  • A testimony to the city’s ability to forge a harmonious relationship between its public and private sectors.

2) The panel then discussed tips for individuals attending MIPIM.

These tips included

  • Don’t overplan or keep a back-to-back itinerary or you won’t be able to make the most of any unexpected opportunities that will inevitably present themselves during the event
  • Follow up on your networking when you return home
  • Where feasible, go as part of a team rather than attending solo. MIPIM is such a vast event that you will need more than one person to cover as much ground as possible
  • Be flexible; one panelist was asked by an impromptu connection whether they could present to them with just  an hour’s notice.

3) This led onto a discussion as to the value of face-to-face meeting at MIPIM

  • The panel discussed the numerous times they were finally able to put a face to an email address, and the benefits that came from this process
  • Even though some contacts were available to meet in Manchester, it was meeting in MIPIM that sparked the most productive relationships.
  • The absence of Brexit conversations was noted, highlighting the market’s buoyant mood despite the triggering of Article 50.

4) The final round of answers tackled whether MIPIM was good value for money

  • Whilst costs are high, the panel agreed that it would take well over a year to make the number of quality contacts you can make in four days at MIPIM
  • Stephen mentioned the incalculable value that comes from being seen talking to the right people
  • There is a need to plan what you want from MIPIM in advance and don’t get waylaid by meetings or lunch events that won’t be beneficial.

MIPIM Summary

  • Plan what you want to get out of the festival well in advance
  • Book tickets early to avoid high costs
  • MIPIM is hard work, good fun and there is an immense amount to be gained from attending.

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