Significant Google AdWords changes to be introduced

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Google AdWords enhanced

An official Google blog post has revealed details of updates to Google AdWords and the introduction of enhanced campaigns.

Google says it is "enhancing AdWords for a constantly connected world" with a number of measures designed to make things easier both for users and advertisers. Recent research from Google showed that over 90 per cent of users moved between separate screens to complete a task, for example looking up a number online before calling on a smartphone, or looking up a product on their phone and then ordering on a laptop.

What has Google changed?

Bearing in mind the changing ways in which people search, Google is introducing enhanced campaigns with a number of updates and new features which it claims will significantly improve the AdWords experience. The most significant changes include:

  • Advert Targeting - A number of changes have been made to targeting, with alterations to device and operating system targeting options. For example, it will no longer be possible to direct adverts only at Android users, and tablet users will no longer be separated from those using a personal computer or laptop. Google found that only a very small number of advertisers found these features useful, and were a hindrance in many cases.
  • Bidding - Bid adjustments have been updated to allow advertisers to increase their bid depending on such factors as location of the user and what kind of device they are using. For example, if a campaign is designed to drive phone calls to a business, the bid multiplier will be higher for users using a smartphone device, or if the individual is in close proximity to their location.
  • Ad text and extensions - Advertisers can now customise the ad text, sitelinks and other extensions across devices and times of day, all within one campaign.
  • Reporting - This service has been updated significantly, with improved tracking of click-to-call or app downloads within AdWords reports.

This is not the only news from Google AdWords this week, with victory in an AdWords legal case in Australia determining that Google was not responsible for misleading content from advertisers.

Natalie Booth, head of search at theEword commented: "These changes certainly look likely to have a significant impact on both how advertisers use AdWords and how users find services and products. It appears apparent that Google is further prioritising mobile search, showing just how important reaching smartphone devices is becoming to advertisers. Although enhanced campaigns may be easier for businesses or beginners to manage, for agencies that enjoy the flexibility of the current system it could be an unwelcome change."