PPC arrives on search platform

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PPC ads enabled on DIY search portals

Yahoo is introducing PPC ads on web portals built with its open search platform.

The company has confirmed that developers who create sites on Yahoo Search BOSS will now be able to implement Yahoo Sponsored Search results and share any revenue generated. In order to qualify for the PPC ad service, applicants must provide detailed information about their products, including traffic sources, UI framework and implementation.

Developers who wish to sign up must go through Domain Development Corp (DDC) because Yahoo has sub-contracted all aspects of the project from customer support to receipt of earnings. DDC is currently the only Yahoo Sponsored Search Partner for the BOSS initiative, although Yahoo has suggested others may be brought in at a later date.

Microsoft-Yahoo and the implications for Search Boss

Ashim Chhabra, member of the Yahoo Search BOSS team, also briefly touched upon the likely implications of the proposed Microsoft-Yahoo linkup. "While no decisions about BOSS have been made at this point, we will let you know as soon as we figure out the details," he said. "These key services will continue to operate for a period of time after we complete migrating our services and technology."

Yahoo Search BOSS is an application program interface that can be used to create customised search portals. Web developers can manipulate Yahoo search results, combine them with other search content and present them in a format of their choosing. OneRiot, hakia and Cluuz are all examples of specialist search engines that rely on Yahoo Search Boss.

In this video, Yahoo Search Boss architect Vik Singh discusses the key features of the platform: