Microsoft tackles online click fraud

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Microsoft continues to fight malware

The Microsoft Malware Protection Centre and Microsoft Online Forensics team are working together to stop online click fraud.

Through pay-per-click advertising, publishers are paid for every time a visitor clicks on an advertisement link on their site. Online click fraud occurs when publishers intentionally boost their revenue by generating clicks that aren't from potential customers, or if clicks are deliberately taken from an intended publisher.

A NNS Labs report recently found that between 60 percent and 70 percent of malicious software present employs some form of click fraud. Through placing malware onto computers, cybercriminals are able to make fraudulent clicks throughout the globe, which makes it difficult to detect and stop the activity.

Taking action

To combat online click fraud, Microsoft will be looking at large sets of data to identify any behaviour associated with malware. With the expertise and tools from both Microsoft Malware Protection Centre and Microsoft Online Forensics team, the collaborative effort will see Microsoft creating preventative systems that are able to pinpoint the cybercriminals profiting from click fraud.

Through taking such measures, Microsoft aims to stop illicit money flowing through AdCenter. Nikola Livic, software developer at the Microsoft Malware Protection Centre, said: "We are doing this to create the highest quality online market for businesses, to provide the best possible online user experience for our customers, and to reduce the economics of malware monetizing via click-fraud."

Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword, said: "Through establishing a new malware prevention system, Microsoft should be able to disrupt the click fraud activity that has often been difficult to identify."