Meet the team: Richard Frost

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Manchester SEO copywrtiter - Richard FrostRichard Frost is the latest member of theEword team, joining as the newest addition to the company's SEO copywriting department. Richard has a track record of providing content for a number of Manchester SEO companies and he brings with him four years of web-writing experience. Here, Richard talks to theEword blog about his career, SEO writing and Google algorithms.

What do you see as being the most interesting part of your new position

Writing for the web is so much different to writing for magazines and newspapers. I enjoy learning about all the different SEO techniques that can boost online visibility, from keywords to hyperlinks, and incorporating them into my copy in a readable way.

How do you write copy which appeals to an audience?

You can use all the SEO techniques in the world, but don’t forget that at some point real people are going to read your copy. We’ve all clicked onto websites that do well in search engine results pages, only to make a hasty retreat upon finding the content is practically unreadable. My job is to stop that from happening by writing copy that engages people as well as search engines.

How is your meta data?

Wasn’t he in Star Trek?


It's excellent. And under 250 characters. Thank you for asking.

What is your favourite word?

Contrafibularities. I also drop phrasmotic, interphrastically and pericombobulation into conversation at least twice a day.

What’s your favourite piece of electronic equipment?

My Sky Box has opened worlds upon worlds of entertainment. Finally, I’ve found something that satisfies my craving for a daily fix of gourmet cheese festivals, televangelists and Red Dwarf marathons.

What has been your favourite marketing campaign?

I greatly admire the subtlety of the product placement in the Transformers' films. The rebranded vehicles, the lingering shots of car badges, the GM-friendly script edits etc. etc.

What would you do with £1 million?

I would buy a small banana republic in Latin America, install myself as supreme overlord and make Google algorithms a compulsory part of the curriculum.