An introduction to SEO copywriting

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Carli Harris, the latest addition to theEword SEO copywriting team, shares her thoughts on her first day in the office.

As a Film Studies and Philosophy student at the University of Manchester, writing has become a large part of my university career. It wasn’t until I became aware of theEword and the highly glamorous world of copywriting, however, that I found an outlet for the skills I have developed from spending the past four years slaving over 3000 word Philosophy essays.

I have been extremely lucky to have been granted the opportunity to take part in a work placement programme here at theEword and I am pleased to say that my first day has been a very enjoyable experience.

Being ‘thrown in at the deep end’ writing product descriptions has proved very educational and it is interesting to see the process that goes on behind writing copy for the internet. I am also fortunate to be taking part in the placement alongside a team so highly skilled not only in their field, but also in opening tricky orange juice bottles and swing dancing.

As a hopeful future commercial or SEO copywriter, during my time here at theEword I would like to gain an insight into the various techniques and methods behind copywriting as well as getting a good experience of the many different styles in which I would be expected to write.

By working for a company as successful as theEword and being surrounded by such a friendly and dedicated team, I am sure my time here will be both enjoyable and educational and I look forward to gaining the skills and experience I need to pursue a career as a writer.