Google to combat accidental mobile ad clicks

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Google confirmation clicks

Google is continuing to improve its mobile ads in an attempt to reduce accidental clicks.

When researching ad formats, the Google Mobile Ads team found that the majority of unintentional clicks taking place on in-app image ads occur on the outer edge of the unit, happening most when the user attempts to click or scroll close to the ad. To combat this, Google has introduced a two-click process on these ad banners.

Once a user has clicked on the outer border of a mobile ad, they will then be required to give a confirmation click to verify that they want to visit the site. This validation process aims to improve user experience and also put a stop to advertisers paying for invaluable clicks.

Allen Huang, product manager of Mobile Displays Ads at Google, said: "Implementing confirmed clicks is an important step that we think will benefit users, advertisers, publishers, and the mobile ecosystem overall, and we'll continue to look for ways to improve mobile ads for everyone."

Previous efforts

Google has previously included confirmation clicks on text ad banners on smartphones. A blue arrow was included in the format and now, if a user taps on the ad outside of the blue arrow, they are prompted to verify their click. Through this initial test, Google found that mobile conversion rates improved while click-through rates decreased slightly as there were fewer accidental clicks.

Natalie Booth, head of search at theEword, said: "The smaller screen sizes on smartphones means that it is easier to accidently click on ads. Through introducing confirmation clicks, advertisers won't have to spend on invaluable clicks that don't generate any leads."