Google releases new AdWords Editor update

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Google releases new AdWords Editor updates

Google has released the newest version of AdWords Editor, the impact of which has caused ripples of excitement to roll across the PPC world.

The application allows marketers and advertisers to manage their campaigns from a desktop computer; the last major update to the app was the 10.3 release, which came during November last year.

The update

Editor 10.4, released yesterday, contains a number of practical updates. These include:

  • Bids and strategies: In line with Google's continuing improvements to campaign management, users can now apply bid strategies from a shared library, edit bids independent of the campaign strategy, and can move items (along with their bid strategies) to another area of an existing account or to a new account altogether.
  • Engagement ads: These are new href="">rich media ads
    which are activated when a mouse pointer interacts with them on screen.
  • More image sizes: The new Editor supports a much wider selection of image sizes, which should mean image ads will make more effective use of any available space; this is particularly relevant for ads on tablets and smartphones.

Change is going to come

Google will continue to make changes and improvements to its AdWords platform, speaking about future changes on its blog, Google said: "These AdWords innovations are the result of countless conversations we've had over the past year with advertisers, both large and small."

The relationship between Google and advertisers is close but sometimes uncertain, and the business they conduct is often subject to change from many competing factors. Recent reports suggest that Google will no longer provide third parties with paid search query data, meaning that search information it collects for ads may in future be available only to its AdWords customers.

Natalie Booth, head of search at theEword, said: "It's always exciting when Google release a new version or update to any part of the AdWords platform. It gives marketers a chance to test new tools and to make an experience that works both for the businesses and internet users."