Google AdWords reporting further improved

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Google AdWords users benefit from further changes

Following numerous improvements in recent months, Google AdWords reporting is set to be made easier once again.

In an official Google blog post, it was announced that AdWords users could now benefit from viewing paid and organic search results side by side, rather than having to view both reports individually.

What this means

Dan Friedman, Product Manager for Google AdWords, stated his hope that this change would "save time and help to improve campaign performance as users manage both types of search traffic for their business."

Friendman also outlined three key benefits of this change and how these benefits could be used to improve the overall success of a campaign:

  • Find new campaign keywords - Reporting can be used to discover potential keywords to add to an AdWords account by establishing which queries only have an organic search presence with no associated ads.
  • Holistic change management. - As a business updates a website or makes changes to AdWords bids, budgets, or keywords, it is now considerably easier to monitor the impact across all forms of traffic.
  • Optimise high value query presence. - Reporting can be used to improve paid result presence, as well as monitoring the organic results with the highest value.

Matthew Lawson, senior PPC executive at theEword commented: "We have seen Google AdWords make a number of changes recently designed to improve the ease of reporting. This latest improvement has the potential to be one of the most beneficial of all, and should prove to become a key part of PPC reporting.