Google AdWords bid adjustment data reporting simplified

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Google Analytics now includes bid adjustment data

Google Analytics will now include significantly more conversion data from Google AdWords, helping advertisers to find the ideal bid adjustments to run as part of enhanced campaigns.

Analytics will now include comprehensive data to assist with reporting for bid adjustments. This will provide advertisers with the ability to produce performance reports for each bid adjustment, and analyse it across a number of factors.

These elements which can be analysed include:

  • The type of device used by the customer
  • Location of the converting customer
  • Time of day for conversion

The example given by Google related to hotel room bookings and how these changes could be used by the hotel to optimise their campaigns accordingly:

"Imagine a hotel chain has set Time bid adjustments of +20% on Saturday and Sunday after observing a better ROI on those days. Using this new report in GA, the hotel chain now observes that their ROI on Sundays is actually higher than on other days of the week. The hotel chain's analyst finds that customers book more expensive rooms and longer stays on Sundays. Using this information, the hotel chain increases its existing Time bid adjustment for Sundays."

Further benefits of changes

An additional benefit comes for users with Ecommerce tracking enabled within their Google Analytics. These individuals can take advantage of the improved reporting to make adjustments to bidding based on the actual revenue which is being generated, rather than by conversions alone.

This should prove to be extremely helpful in cases where the items being offered for sale by a business vary significantly in price, where one large conversion would be more valuable than several smaller purchases.

These changes will enable advertisers to optimise their campaigns by return on investment (ROI) instead of purely cost per acquisition (CPA). This ensures advertisers can do everything possible to guarantee that their AdWords ads are reaching the best audience in terms of ROI and overall profits.

Natalie Booth, head of search at theEword commented: "This is just one of many changes we have seen in recent times, as AdWords strives to make reporting as simple and user friendly as possible. The Google AdWords Keyword Planner has proved extremely popular so far with PPC experts, and Google will certainly be hoping that this change has an equally as positive impact".