Google launches AdWords Android app

By Dan Moores topicIcon Google, PPC, Technology

Yesterday Google introduced its first AdWords app for Android systems. It is intended to provide advertisers with an accompaniment to their desktop accounts.

Google has called the app "an easy way to view and manage your ads' performance when you're on the go".

Last month, several news outlets such as The Next Web and Search Engine Land reported that the app was available, but only for Canadian users.

It is now available globally for all existing AdWords customers, and can be used on any Android device with the 4.0 operating system or later.

An equivalent iOS app is reportedly under construction for Apple users.

What does it allow users to do?

The app's primary function is to allow users to edit their existing campaigns while away from their desktops – they can view the stats for each of their campaigns, adjust their budgets and update their bids.

Information is a huge focus of the app. It has a dashboard which details key metrics such as impressions, clicks and click-through rate (CTR), with adjustable date-ranges so that users can view campaign performances over set periods of time.

In addition to presenting statistics and figures, the app makes suggestions on how ad campaigns can be improved, and also provides timely alerts and notifications.

However, it is important to note that new campaigns cannot be created through the app, and users cannot sign up to AdWords through it.

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