Effectiveness of online advertising revealed

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Online ad campaigns recommended

Digital marketers have been given a telling insight into the relative effectiveness of web campaigns and TV promotions.

A joint study by business intelligence provider comScore and marketing specialist dunnHumbyUSA examined the effectiveness of different campaign media in improving retail sales of consumer packaged goods (CPGs) such as cereals, pizzas, snack bars, pasta and toiletries.

It found that an online strategy, comprising display ads and rich media, could boost CPG offline sales by an average of nine per cent over a three month period.

Another discovery was that a total of 80 per cent of all digital campaigns showed a statistically important hike in sales.

The study analysed the behaviour of 200,000 consumers registered with supermarket loyalty programs in America who remembered to present membership cards when making purchases.

Online ad campaigns that ran for 12 weeks with a minimum penetration of 40 per cent of their target audience were considered for the research.

The impact of TV ad campaigns

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