Pinterest targets male market with Guided Search update.

Pinterest has revealed it plans to make search results more relevant for male users, after the demographic saw rapid growth last year.

The ‘visual discovery tool’ experienced a 73 per cent increase in the number of male users in the US alone, and engineer Pei Yin took to the Pinterest blog to outline the changes it will make to ensure all users get the results they want.

Until 2014, around 70 per cent of Pinterest users were women, and this was often reflected in the search results for certain terms.

Yin cited the example of watches, admitting that users would in the past have seen mostly “women’s timepieces”. He went on to say that if a man were to make the same search query today he would see content “inspired by what other guys have Pinned”, and suggested users test this out with other queries such as hair, shoes and health.

Pinterest users can ensure their searches are correctly tailored by checking the gender settings in their account. Of course, Pinterest knows that occasionally you may want to see results for a different gender, for example if you were looking for gift ideas. In this case, they suggest temporarily altering your settings to target the appropriate results.

Yin added that users can expect even more improvements in the coming months, suggesting this most recent change is “just the tip of the iceberg”.

The importance of knowing your audience

In this case, we can see that Pinterest is attempting to adapt to a change in its audience. Knowledge of your target audience is a vital component of a successful digital marketing campaign, particularly when it comes to onsite content and creative campaigns.

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