Samsung unveils new operating system

By James Riches topicIcon Mobile Marketing

Samsung searching for less dependency on Google

South Korean tech firm Samsung has revealed the first phone to be supported by its own operating system, Tizen.

Creating alongside Intel, Samsung is reportedly hoping to provide an alternative to the Android operating system currently employed on its highest profile products.

Users will be able to get a first look at how Tizen works on a smartphone when it goes on sale as part of the new Samsung Z in Russia this summer. However, it is not yet clear how much this new smartphone will cost. Tizen has already been used in Samsung's Galaxy Gear 2 smart watch.

Tizen will be officially unveiled at Samsung's Developer Conference in San Francisco later this week.

How can Samsung hope to take on Google

The key issue for Samsung is whether Tizen can come to be regarded as a viable alternative to the already well-established Android.

While Samsung can try and switch some its devices to its own OS, Android will remain the go-to system for companies such as Sony, HTC and Huawei.

Another concern is that it may prove tough for Tizen to rival the popular Google Play in both number and quality of apps. Additionally, several high profile Android apps have been indexed, making them easier to find for users.

To help with this, Samsung is offering developers a special promotional programme for one year, in the hope that establishing its own app stores will create a worthwhile revenue stream.

It has also pledged to ensure new apps can be run on HTML5, allowing them to be interchangeable across apps. This will mean developers only need to create one version of their app, saving themselves time and money.

Kleon West, business development director at theEword, said: "This is a bold move from Samsung, and one that they will hope works in the long term. Taking on Google is never without its risks, but Samsung should be applauded for not resting on its laurels and trying something different."