RIM launches new BBM Music service

The launch of BBM Music

RIM has revealed that its new music service will be integrated into the already popular BBM Messenger app.

Research in Motion (RIM) has announced that it will be providing its users with a music service. Due to its varied customer base, which ranges from teenager to businessmen, RIM is ensuring that all BBM users will have access to their music of choice by collaborating with British music services firm Omnifone to licence over 10 million songs.

The new feature, which will be built into the BBM Messenger app, could be a major step forward for song-sharing. For $4.99 (£3.06) a month, BBM users will be able to choose up to 50 songs to put onto their profile. While 50 songs may not seem like a lot, people will also be able to access all of the music which their contacts upload.

Social song-sharing

BlackBerry has placed the song limit on BBM Music so that the service ties in with the BlackBerry Messenger app. RIM wants users to share songs and playlists with others, so that people can experiment with music and hear about new tunes at speed. BBM users will also be able to comment on their contacts' songs as well as start up a chat within the application.

Rob Wells, a Universal executive, said: "A major component of online music continues to be about community, and the ability to discover new artists and music through word of mouth." He went on to say: "BBM Music dynamically and elegantly integrates the excitement of this social music discovery process with a high-quality music service."

Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword, stated: "RIM's step into music services is not merely an attempt to follow Spotify or iTunes. The development of BBM Music within the BlackBerry Messenger app is an innovative step towards making song-sharing even more sociable."