Reports show mobile betting rise

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Smartphones soaring for punters placing bets

As Andy Murray and David Haye gear up for an important weekend, bookmakers across the country are prepping for a busy time ahead.

However, this weekend will see a marked difference in the way people bet from the days of Tyson vs Lewis, according to Betfair and Paddy Power. Both bookmakers have reported increases in the number of people placing bets from mobile devices.

Figures released this week by IHS Screen Digest claim that net revenue from UK mobile gambling rose from £19m in 2009 to £41m in 2010. Chief operating officer for Paddy Power, Breon Corcoran, has reported that 34 per cent of its online users are on mobile devices. In April 2011 it had 120,000 mobile users.

Bookies put their money on mobile

Betfair's vice president of mobile engineering has said that: "Developing new betting methods and experiences for the increasing amount of our customers who wish to access Betfair through their mobile phones is a key priority of the business." The company saw 168,000 people place a bet from their mobile phone in the last financial year, a marked increase of 122 per cent from the preceding year.

Gambling is one of the three 'G's that was predicted to make businesses the most money from the onset of 3G phones (the other two being games and girls). Companies are now seeing the prediction come true for gambling and this has led to heavy investments in mobile sites, marketing and apps.