PC sales decrease as tablets rise in popularity

PC sales decrease dramatically

The consumer desire for tablets and smartphones has resulted in shipments of laptops, netbooks and desktops computers dropping significantly in the last quarter.

Retailers are drastically decreasing the amount of personal computers they stock and sell. This drop has been complemented by a sharp rise in the amount of mobile devices they supply.

The research company Gartner has shown that shipments of personal computers have dropped by 12.7 units in the second quarter. Laptops and netbooks have been the hardest hit by this shift as they are down by a massive 53 per cent. Desktop PCs are continuing to fall annually, with a decrease of 15.4 per cent during the last quarter.

The age of the mobile device

The increasing interest in mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone and Blackberry has affected the PC market drastically. Isabelle Durand, principal analyst at Garner, stated: "Most consumers continue to hold back spending on PCs by extending life cycles on existing PCs and purchasing other devices." The continual innovation of mobile devices keep consumers excited and wanting more, while people simply update their current PC as there are fewer reasons for buying another.

Tom Glass, creative director at theEword, said: "A company must continually update its devices as well as introduce new products to the market if it wants to remain within the eye of the consumer. Keeping interest in your brand will ensure that you achieve top sales as people always want to test and purchase innovative devices."