Nokia takes on Blackberry in new patent war

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New technology battle as Nokia takes on Blackberry

Nokia is seeking a ban on the sale of Blackberry devices in the key markets of the UK, US and Canada due to a patent dispute.

Similar to the long running case between Samsung and Apple, Nokia is looking to get Blackberry devices removed from the shelves due to an alleged breach of a patent relating to Wi-Fi connectivity. It is thought that Blackberry and parent company Research In Motion (RIM) may yet counter sue, which could lead to a lengthy and expensive legal contest. A Nokia spokesman commented the action had been taken "with the aim of ending RIM's breach of contract".

This campaign comes at an important time for the future of Nokia, with the Finland based company facing a struggle to survive. In the early days of mobile devices they had been the market leader, but the rise of Samsung, Apple and other big name technology companies has seen Nokia's share in the market decrease dramatically.

The recently revealed Windows Phone 8 is a critical device for Nokia, as statistics show that the Windows Phone operating device is a long way behind the market leading Android operating system.

HTC and Apple court ruling on patent

The news of Nokia's case against Blackberry is not the only legal news involving major smartphone developers this week, as Apple was forced to share details of its HTC patent sharing agreement with rivals Samsung.

Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword remarked: "With smartphone technology constantly advancing and increased competition between manufacturers, it is no surprise that more of these disputes are occurring. It will be interesting to see the outcome here, and if it has any impact on the long awaited Samsung and Apple ruling."