Nokia axes 4000 jobs

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Moving with technology

Nokia has announced that it will be axing 4,000 jobs worldwide, 700 of which will come from the UK.

The Finnish company has said that Denmark will also suffer and Finland is set to be the worst hit, with a predicted 1,400 job cuts. Some 3,000 employees will also be outsourced to technology consultancy group Accenture, which will soon be taking over Nokia's Symbian software.

The news comes shortly after Nokia announced a deal with Microsoft that will see the two firms working together to develop smartphone technology.

The company, which once dominated the mobile market, has been accused of being slow to react to the latest phone trends and in recent years has faced stiff competition from industry leaders Blackberry, Apple and Google Android. Nokia has predicted that the job cuts will save the company over one billion euros by 2013.

Dark day for UK

Unite assistant general secretary Toney Burke suggested that it is another dark day for the British economy.

He said: "What is very disheartening is that mobile phones and their associated technology are one of the growth areas in the British economy, yet this still does not stop a successful company such as Nokia throwing people out of work."

Nokia tried to put a positive spin on the cuts and insisted that the Symbian employees located in China, Finland, India, the UK and the United States will continue to develop the software and services for Nokia.

Stephen Elop, president of Nokia, said: "This is a difficult reality, and we are working with our employees and partners to identify long term re-employment programmes for the talented people of Nokia."

Nokia currently employs 65,000 people worldwide, 2,400 of which are based in the UK.