Nokia and Microsoft reveal a new phablet

By Danielle Middleton topicIcon Mobile Marketing

Nokia unveils its first phablet

Nokia revealed its first phablet and tablet in Abu Dhabi today, days before Apple unveils its latest iPad.

The Windows Phone operated handsets are the final products from Nokia before they complete the sale of their handset division with Microsoft, who agreed to buy the business for £4.6bn earlier this year.

What can the Nokia phablet do?

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is the first phablet for the Windows Phone platform and boasts an array of tech to keep app and smart device lovers occupied.

This extra large phone from the Finnish company includes four microphones with the aim to appeal to parents recording school shows and other events; and the Beamer app which brings in location-tagged media and screen grabbing, allowing users to stream content to a web browser on a separate display via Nokia's server.

Its 6in HD display adds a third row of live tiles to the screen, and its high resolution 20 megapixel back-facing camera make it more impressive than most digital cameras. The Refocus app then enables users to determine which parts of the photograph to focus after the photograph has been taken, using PureView camera technology to take a series of images quickly at different focus lengths.

Nokia's first tablet

The Lumia 2520 on Windows RT 8.1will be direct competition for Microsoft's newly released Surface 2 tablet. Nokia's tablet is the only Windows operated tablet not made by Microsoft and is likely to be a direct result of Microsoft's buyout of Nokia's handset business.

Carolina Milanesi, consumer devices analyst at Gartner believes that Microsoft, who has already made a loss of $900m following poor sales of their original Surface RT tablet, will be keeping the 10.1in Nokia tablet on as a cheaper option for consumers. She stated:

" I don't think that having two devices in that space makes a lot of sense, I believe Microsoft may keep the Nokia model on as a cheaper consumer-targeted device focussed on media consumption and gaming in order to capture more market share, and also keep on the more expensive intel-based Surface Pro - but it will phase out the Surface 2 RT model."

Kleon West, business development director at theEword said: "This is the first collaboration we've seen from Nokia and Microsoft since the buyout was announced almost two months ago, but it seems as though this has been in the works a long time.

"There are a lot of tablets on the market at the moment particularly in the lead up to Christmas, so it seems likely that of the two Lumias the phablet will be the more successful."