Mobile usage up in annual Ofcom report

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Revenue and usage up in new Ofcom mobile report

People are using their mobile phones more than ever, with some claiming to be addicted to their handset, according to Ofcom's latest assessment of the communications industry.

The annual study found total mobile revenue for phone networks grew by a percentage point during 2010, a year in which operators offered 67 per cent more data to customers looking to use handsets for social media activities.

Approximately half the people using smartphones such as the iPhone or Blackberry claim they are addicted to the device, the study found. However, it pointed out that it's Google and Facebook who benefit most from this.

Pay as you go

Other statistics from the report show that the number of people paying for mobile data is falling. In March 2010, Ofcom found that 21 per cent of mobile users were paying for data as they surfed the internet on their phones. By June 2011, that figure was found to be 12 per cent.

Mark Baker, online marketing manager at theEword, is not surprised by the findings. He said: "As more people embrace the mobile internet, it's good to see network operators cater to them by offering more data for users at a cheaper cost."

A recent report from the IDC found that the iPhone is the most popular smartphone on the market. Sales in the device increased by 65.4 per cent between April and June 2011, with 20.3 million units purchased.