Mobile set for success

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Mobile internet holds the key for publishers

The mobile internet has been pinpointed as the number one growth area for content producers.

In its annual Census Content and Trends Survey, the UK Association of Online Publishers (AOP) quizzed members from the newspaper, magazine, TV, radio and internet sectors about what they expected over the next 12 months. And 85 per cent of respondents identified mobile web as one of the biggest opportunities, well ahead of areas such as user-generated content (75 per cent), high-speed broadband (75 per cent), social networking (73 per cent) and behavioural targeting (73 per cent).

Mobile named top distribution channel

Meanwhile, phones were also singled out as an increasingly useful way to connect content producers and readers. Approximately 69 per cent of the sample said mobile would become a more important distribution channel in the next 12 months, while 67 per cent highlighted mobile apps