Latest Apple product launch date revealed

Reports suggest cheaper iPhone will be introduced

Apple are thought to be planning their next big launch event for September 10, in which it is expected they will reveal two new, very different versions of the iPhone.

Naturally, one of these will be an upgrade on the current iPhone 5, although there is some debate as to whether it will be dubbed the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6.

Confirmed details are scarce so far, with Apple not officially releasing the date itself as yet. However, many reputable sources have suggested fans should indeed watch out for this date, and with CEO Tim Cook promising "game changing products" back in May, it is expected to attract the usual levels of hype which always surround an Apple launch.

Analysts have been speculating as to what new features the newer iPhone is expected to offer, with ideas including fingerprint detecting, smear-free screens, a faster processor and improved camera facilities all put forward.

'Low cost' iPhone could also appear

It has long been rumoured that Apple will develop a low cost iPhone, and many are predicting we will get a first glimpse of it here. Expected to be named the iPhone 5C, it will mark a change in Apple's previous strategy of simply lowering the price of older models.

It is expected that Apple will follow these announcements with the release of the much-anticipated iOS 7 later in the month. British designer Sir Jonathan Ive has headed the overhaul of Apple's operating system, so this too will be of great interest to users.

Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword, said: "Apple launches always capture the attention of fans, and this one will be no different. Naturally, the newer iPhone will attract a lot of the focus, while the budget version would be an interesting new direction."