Google introduces smartphone errors tool

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Smartphone errors tool added to Google Webmasters Tools

Google has introduced a new Smartphone Errors feature to Webmasters Tools, which can pinpoint any crawl errors found in smartphones.

The tool has been added to the Crawls Errors section in order to help webmasters pinpoint any 404 errors that affect smartphone users. When the Googlebot-Mobile crawls the web as a mobile user-agent, any crawl errors specific to smartphones will now be noted.

Webmaster trends analyst at Google Pierre Far has said: "These crawl errors are a major category of the common mistakes we see in smartphone-optimized sites. They hurt your site's user experience and can affect your site's ranking. Now Webmaster Tools helps you identify the problematic pages so you can fix things faster."

Inside the Smartphone Errors tool

The errors included within the new tool include:

  • Server errors: When an HTTP error status is found by a Googlebot crawling a page.
  • Not found errors and 404s: When an HTTP 404 status code is found or a soft error page is detected.
  • Faulty redirects: When a desktop page doesn't redirect to a relevant smartphone page.
  • Blocked URLs: When a site's robots.txt disallows crawling by Googlebot for smartphones.

Google Webmaster Tools users can access the new Smartphone Errors feature through the Crawl menu in the Crawl Errors section, where they can now select the Smartphone tab.

Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword has said: "This new feature will help to ensure that mobile searchers are provided with the content and information that they seek, helping to improve user experience and even a site's rankings in mobile SERPs."