Google in deal with Motorola Mobility

Software and hardware merge

Google has bought Motorola Mobility in a multimillion pound deal. The acquisition of the smartphone business is set to boost Google's Android software, which Motorola mobile devices already use.

Motorola Mobility was the first mobile phone company to use Android on its mobile devices. The companies' commitment to developing and selling mobile technology has led to their decision that they should join forces.

Google is set to gain greatly from its purchase of Motorola Mobility as it is predicted that the deal will boost Android's position within its flourishing market. Google is currently contending with Apple in the smartphone and tablet arena, and this new relationship is set to be a threat to Steve Jobs' company.

Larry Page, Google chief executive, stated: "The combination of Google and Motorola will not only supercharge Android, but will also enhance competition and offer consumers accelerating innovation, greater choice, and wonderful user experiences."

Android will still be used on other manufacturers, such as Samsung and HTC, as well as on Motorola Mobility devices. Keeping the operating system open will enable Google to continue its successful relationships with multiple hardware partners. The ownership of Motorola mobile devices will simply help to improve the entire Android experience as well as pit Google against some large manufacturers, such as Nokia.

Kleon West, business development manager at theEword, said: "The previous partnership between Motorola Mobility and Google has been fruitful and both companies are set to profit from the business deal. Their achievement exemplifies that having a healthy and professional relationship with surrounding companies and competitors is essential for success."

A serious deal

Google has other reasons for strengthening its partnership with Motorola Mobility. The hugely competitive nature of the smartphone market has led to companies, such as Microsoft and Apple, suing Google and Motorola over suspected patent infringements. This new multimillion pound deal will help Google to protect itself from such threats as it will be able to strengthen its patent portfolio.