Digg meets iPhone

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Digging the iPhone

The world's most high-profile social news portal is heading to the iPhone in a development that may interest many mobile marketers.

Kevin Rose, co-founder and chief architect of Digg, revealed that testing was underway for an iPhone-compatible version of the popular website. The admission was made during an interview with bloggers Arnt Eriksen and Thomas Moen after his address at the Future of Web Apps conference in London. It could potentially increase demand for ad space on Digg, which currently offers display ads above, beside and below content on the website.

Digg overhauls homepage

Meanwhile, Mr Rose also talked about plans to diversify the Digg homepage for the first time. Many visitors do not look beyond the homepage for recommended stories, so the prospect of multiple versions might enable more esoteric content to gain readers through the social news website.

"We have always had this universal homepage which we are promoting stories to, but now we are going to start promoting it at a category level to get more longer tail content," he explained. "It's completely redesigned for us."

Last week, a new study from the UK Association of Online Publisers suggested that mobile could be the biggest growth area for content consumption in 2010. According to the Census Content and Trends Survey, 69 per cent of respondents identified mobile as a distribution channel that would grow in importance over the next 12 months. Meanwhile, some 67 per cent suggested that mobile apps would have a bigger role to play in the future.