Apple rules in smartphone sales

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The rise of the iPhone

Apple is currently the top seller of smartphones, according to a new report undertaken by IDC. It has risen to the top of the market due to increasing sales of its popular mobile device, the iPhone.

IDC has shown that smartphone sales increased by 65.4 percent between the months of April and June 2011. Apple has become the leader within this flourishing market with giant sales of its iPhone. The big seller has outstripped its competition as Apple shipped a massive 20.3 million units and now has a 19.1 per cent share within the market.

The new report also shows that the Samsung Galaxy S2 has taken second position in the smartphone market. Samsung shipped over 17.3 million smartphones and now has a 16.2 per cent share in the market. The rise of the Galaxy smartphone has resulted in Nokia being pushed back into third position with 16.7 million phones shipped.

The popular product

IDC has named the iPhone as the stand out product within this growing market. Ramon Llamas, senior research analyst at IDC, states: "Ever since the first iPhone launched in 2007, Apple has made market-setting strides in hardware, software, and channel development to grab mindshare and market share".

Mark Baker, online marketing manager at theEword, agrees with Llamas stating: "Innovation is essential if a company is to stand out within the mobile market. Apple is able to constantly excite its consumers with its continual development of the iPhone."

The current buzz surrounding the iPhone 5 is set to keep Apple in its top position. The rumours and excitement surrounding the new device, regardless of its lack of an official release date, suggests that Apple is still able to create smartphones that capture the imagination of consumers.