Apple remains most valuable brand

By James Riches topicIcon Mobile Marketing

US company clings on to top spot

Apple has retained the number one position in Brand Finance's annual list of the world's most valuable brands, but it is rival company Samsung that will arguably get most enjoyment from the findings.

At $87.3 billion, Apple's value has grown by nearly a quarter. However, Samsung's value has leapt 54 per cent to $58.8 billion, which has seen it rise from number six in 2012 to second place this time around.

Its rise is sure to trouble Apple after the pair spent a large part of the year locked in a bitter legal battle over patent use. Samsung's Galaxy S3 smartphone reportedly became the biggest-selling mobile device in the world, enjoying greater popularity than Apple's iPhone 4S.

Samsung is in fact the only non-US company to feature in the top ten. It has knocked Google down into third place, while the others are Microsoft, Walmart, IBM, General Electric, Amazon, Coca Cola and Verizon.

Just three UK companies appear anywhere in the survey, with Tesco, Vodafone and HSBC all enduring a tough 2012. Tesco fell heavily, from 24 in 2012 to 41 this year.

'Brand rating' metric tells a different story

While its company value list naturally attracts most of the attention, Brand Finance has also compiled rankings based on 'brand rating'.

This list takes into account many other factors, including net margins, average revenue per customer, marketing and advertising spend, brand affection and customer loyalty.

Ferrari tops this list, with a record 7.6 per cent net profit increase across 2012. The nature of its products means it will always remain a niche market and as such cannot trouble the big companies such as Apple and Samsung in the overall value list. However, through factoring in these wider considerations, such smaller companies can receive the recognition they merit.

Of course, larger companies are not excluded from this, and there is some consolation for Google after losing out to Samsung in the value rankings, as the search engine is second on the brand rating list.

Kleon West, business development director at theEword, said: "In any other year, Apple would be delighted with its progress. However, the rise of Samsung will give it cause for concern, and ensures the pair are likely to be at the centre of attention again in 2013."