theEweekly Wrap: Zuckerberg, Buzzwords and bees

Face of the year Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been named Person of the Year 2010 by Time magazine. Time's managing editor Richard Stengel said Zuckerberg was chosen because his creation is "transforming the way we live our lives every day". The Social Network, a film about the invention of the site and subsequent power struggle, was one of the year's biggest box office hits.

The accolade also reflects the winner's influence on the year's events, with previous winners including US financier Ben Bernanke and President Obama. 2010 has indeed been a good year for Zuckerberg, seeing the social media site go from strength to strength and the 26-year-old's wealth climbing to £4.4 billion. However, it was revealed recently that he plans to follow in the footsteps of Bill Gates and give most of his fortune to charity.

Wordpower LinkedIn, the social network for professionals, has revealed the ten most used buzzwords on its profile pages. Surveying 85 million profiles during 2010, the LinkedIn Analytics team discovered that 'extensive experience' was the most ubiquitous cliché in the US. Other popular terms included 'results-oriented', 'proven track record' and 'team player'.

However, it seems desirable qualities in an employee vary from country to country. The survey showed profiles from northern Europe claimed mostly to be 'innovative', while members from emerging economies such as Brazil, India and Spain touted their 'dynamic' approach. The UK wanted above all to be seen as 'motivated'.

Social Media Trends This week saw social media sites Facebook and Twitter reveal their most-discussed topics of the year. Like the Google Zeitgeist report released last week, both lists featured Justin Bieber, the Apple iPad and of course, the FIFA World Cup, while Twitter also featured associated terms like Vuvuzela and Pulpo Paul. However, Facebook's most used word in 2010 was 'HMU': hit me up, US slang for 'get in touch' or 'phone me'.

The lists also reveal that social media is a platform for discussing world events, as the Gulf oil spill topped the Twitter list, both featured the Haiti earthquake, and Facebook saw support for the Chilean miners. Despite only hitting the headlines this month, the WikiLeaks furore and Julian Assange made it into Twitter's top News and People categories respectively.

Season's Googlings December 2010 is the tenth birthday of AdWords, Google's PPC platform. To celebrate, the search giant has created a thankyou video, and is sending it to a million dedicated AdWords clients. The video, created by AKQA and PostPanic, has also been customised for each individual recipient, so that a swarm of mechanical bees (pictured) spells out the name of the customer.

Meanwhile, the Google Small Business Marketing team has asked the companies they work with what their Christmas wish would be. Of those who wanted to move their business online, 76 per cent aspire to a bigger, better website with more features, while 10 per cent dreamed of being easy to find online. Of those with an existing online presence, 26 per cent wanted to make more money from it, 25 per cent wished to attract new business, and 22 per cent aspired to more brand awareness.