theEweekly Wrap: Power, speed and crashes

By Rachel Hand topicIcon Manchester
New Jobs? Apple shareholders have refused to disclose whether they have a planned successor to CEO Steve Jobs. The 56-year-old founder has been on medical leave since January, and could not attend the annual shareholders meeting; second-in-command Tim Cook chaired it instead. There, shareholders voted not to reveal Apple's future king, after the Central Labourer's Pension Fund called for transparency.

The impending launch of the iPad 2 will certainly be a little strange if Jobs is not present. Rumours that the launch would take place on March 2nd were confirmed yesterday as press invites were sent out, featuring the calendar date peeling back to reveal the corner of an iPad, and the message "Come see what 2011 will be the year of". TechRadar speculated that the location for the UK launch – the BBC in London – provides "a clue to some of the new functionality."

Rule Twitannia Twitter is one step closer to opening its long-awaited European HQ, as job vacancies have been posted on their website. The five positions in sales and partnerships will be based in "our new office in London, England"; however, according to a tweet from head of international expansion Katie Jacobs Stanton, "location of our Euro HQ is still TBD."

December 2010 saw David Cameron and Boris Johnson meet with Twitter executives at 10 Downing Street. According to The Telegraph, the PM "urged" the delegates to consider London as the home for their Euro HQ. Such a move would tie in nicely with Cameron's plans to create Tech City, a Silicon Valley-style hub in East London. The job description requires candidates to have "an unflagging enthusiasm for Twitter" and be willing to travel.

Streaming speed We've been playing around with an interesting new YouTube tool: Video Speed History. This feature can be used by right-clicking on a video, and selecting 'take speed test'. The results show the average video speed in your location, city, state, country, and in the world, and can also be compared over time.

In providing this tool, YouTube hopes to educate users on problems affecting video speed. For example, the comparison over time shows videos are much slower at the weekend. Meanwhile, the FAQ explains, "the Internet Service Provider you are using, the distance from your computer to Google servers, the computer you are using, [and] other devices in your network" are factors that could affect speeds. Of course, the most useful application of this tool for marketers is not yet available – monitoring speeds for different locations and ISPs, to inform video marketing strategies.

Breaking Windows A Windows Phone 7 software update has been withdrawn after reports emerged of it breaking devices. A number of Samsung handsets including the Omnia 7 were rendered unusable, even after a hard reset. Microsoft said a new version would be released as soon as possible, but protested that just ten per cent of all users had experienced problems. A spokesperson explained to ZDNet: "Of the remaining 10 percent, the top two issues encountered are the result of customer Internet connectivity issues and inadequate storage space on the phone or PC. These account for over half of the reported issues with this update."

Meanwhile, Google has begun rolling out the software update for Nexus S and Nexus One phones, known as Android Gingerbread 2.3.3. Features include fixes for rebooting issues, improved graphics, speech recognition interfaces and better support for Bluetooth and Near Field Communications. Users were warned that the roll-out could take several weeks.