My First Week at theEword, by Henry Gaskell


theEword's newest apprentice talks about his first week and shares his thoughts on how it went.

Written by Henry Gaskell

I won’t forget the feeling I got at the start of the week; the anticipation and excitement of starting my first ever full-time job is something I won’t forget. And what a week it was – starting it with a summer boat party and ending it with a relaxed update meeting has to be the coolest first week at work ever.

The First Two Days

My first day began how I expected it to – getting familiar with the company, finding out where my desk was, and being briefed on my task for the day. Not being thrown straight into the deep end was reassuring, because it’s always good to be eased into a new job –especially as an apprentice.

Looking at the pros and cons of clients’ websites wasn’t just beneficial for me but it also helped James, Dan and Andy (the Copywriting team). It gave them the chance to look at the points I noted down and see if any of them would actually benefit the clients.

I envisioned for the rest of the week that the tasks I’d receive would be similar to my first day’s work – tasks that don’t require much technical knowledge, but would nonetheless help me get into the mindset of a copywriter for theEword.

More fun came on the second day; I even learned some technical terms. The confidence I felt after the session was unreal, knowing much more about the Copywriting team was hugely important to me because I want to learn as much about digital marketing as I can.

Eworkshop and #LightaFire

Light a Fire Jo

Wednesday was the busiest day by far; I started the day by attending theEword’s Eworkshop, which is basically a training session to gain more knowledge into digital marketing. Our MD, Dan Nolan, took to the stage to explain just how important digital marketing is to businesses nowadays and how the concept of digital marketing has changed over time.

Our Business Development Director, Kleon West, then came up to talk about the importance of content marketing – but with a bit of a twist. Playing Pass the (Content Marketing) Parcel around the group made the session more engaging and enjoyable.

Later on that day it was time to leave the office and go into the centre of Manchester to attend Light a Fire. It was a very enjoyable night – not just because of the barbecue, but because the event's special guest, Jo Leah, made such an inspirational speech about her journey to the top and the difficulties facing young people nowadays. As a young person myself, I was so intrigued with what she had to say because I felt like I could relate to it. This was probably the most interesting day I’ve experienced at theEword so far, and I’m most certainly looking forward to the next #lightafire.

The End of the Week

Towards the end of the week, I was given the task of coming up with three blog ideas for the clients I looked at on Monday. This was the first assignment I had received that allowed me to be creative, and I loved it. Yes, coming up with blog ideas can be difficult, as you want them to be original. Thankfully, I think the blog ideas I came up with were creative and quite different.

I’ve had a great first week at theEword and I can’t wait to learn more! Waking up can be a little difficult, especially at 6 a.m., but I’m so happy I’m an apprentice for this company and more importantly everyone here is great.


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