YouTube goes Hollywood

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Green Parrot snapped up

Google has turned to an Irish company with Hollywood connections to improve the quality of online video.

The search engine giant, owner of YouTube, has bought Green Parrot Pictures for an undisclosed sum. This small digital technology company was founded in 2004 by Anil Kokaram, associate professor at the engineering school of Trinity College Dublin, who has helped to improve the visuals on blockbusters like Spider Man, King Kong, X-Men and Lord of the Rings.

Sharper images and reduced visual noise

In an official post on the YouTube blog, Jeremy Doig, director of Google Video Technology, explained the acquisition would enable YouTube to sharpen images, reduce visual noise and reduce camera shake at the point of uploading. Video of the protests in Libya was given as an example of low-quality footage shot on mobiles and video cameras that would benefit from the technology.

"With the equivalent of over 170,000 full-length movies uploaded to YouTube every week, the team's experience in this area