Yandex launches Cocaine open-source platform

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Yandex offers Cocaine to developers

Yandex, the leading search engine in Russia, has officially unveiled Cocaine, a service which will allow developers to design their very own PaaS clouds.

A statement from Yandex explained the key features of the service, which is expected to compete with the existing Google App Engine. The main benefits of Cocaine laid out by Yandex were as follows:

  • Language support is plugin-based, with many of the most common languages supported and additional languages to be added in the future. This ensures that users are not restricted to a particular language or framework, making it easy for anyone to use Cocaine.
  • Cocaine has dynamic self-managing slave pools for each app, with a rich but simple configuration and resource usage control. Cocaine scales your app automatically, depending on the required size. In addition to this, Cocaine can automatically scale across your server cluser via automatic node discovery and smart peer-to-peer balancing.
  • Data streaming and pipelining is included, essential for the development of apps which will include large amounts of video.
  • Rivals to Cocaine

    Cocaine is expected to compete with Google App Engine and Heroku, existing products which offer a similar service. With Yandex being the leading search provider in Russia, developers are sure to be intrigued as to how the company can compete with Google on an international scale.

    There has been no explanation of the surprising name choice, with a Yandex spokesman declining to comment on why the Cocaine was chosen for the name of the platform.

    Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword remarked: "The launch of any service of this nature is an exciting time, and the controversial name should not detract from the possibilities on offer. Google are sure to be keeping a close eye on the progress of Cocaine, as they strive to ensure that their App Engine service is not displaced as the market leader."