Twitter makes photo sharing easier

Twitter makes photos more social

A post on Twitter's blog has revealed that users will soon be able to benefit from two new features on the social network's mobile app.

On Wednesday, Twitter Software Engineer Cesar Puerta, announced that the micro-blogging site would be rolling out photo tagging capabilities and the option to add up to four photos in one tweet.

The upgrades are the latest in a stream of changes to the site that began in the lead up to Twitter's 8th birthday celebrations. Last week Head of News Vivian Schale, hinted that the site's @replies will removed in the near future, as part of the service's efforts to engage new users by making the interface less complicated.

How the new features will work

At present if a user wishes to include a photo within a tweet, they must sacrifice some of their precious 140 character limit. Following this latest update, users will be free to upload four photos and tag up to 10 friends without making a dent in the 140 character count.

Multiple photo sharing

Since Wednesday, the feature has been gradually introduced to iPhone users, while Android and functionality will follow shortly.

Eventually all Twitter users will be able add up to four photos in a single tweet, which will appear as a four-part collage in timelines then once a follower clicks through they will be able to view the full picture.

Photo tagging

This feature is already available to all Twitter account holders, and works in a similar manner to tagging on Facebook. However, unlike on fellow social networking site, once you tag a friend in a picture it will not automatically appear as tagged. Instead the individual user will receive a notification that you have tagged them, which they are able to delete or amend as desired.

Twitter's default for photo tagging is that anyone can tag you, unless you change the control settings for the feature yourself.

Daniel Nolan, managing director at theEword said: "Since becoming Twitter Inc. back in November, there have been various changes to make the site more user-friendly and engaging - more so following a dip in new users at the end of last year.

"The introduction of these Facebook-like features is another step in that direction, along with its intended plans to make @replies a thing of the past. It seems as though Twitter is having a total refresh in order to boost the brand's profile, and keep it as new and exciting as it seemed eight years ago."