Try this Wi-Fi for size

UK Wi-Fi coverage double in size

The latest development in expanding free online Wi-Fi throughout the UK could see its coverage more than double this year.

Smartphone users wanting to gain faster access to Twitter or Spotify have long struggled with low speeds and high charges on the 3G network. However, now O2 will double the number of free hotspots on offer from BT Openzone and the Cloud.

O2's head of Wi-Fi, Gavin Franks, told BBC's Newsbeat that he's seen a change in internet use, downloads and how people use their smartphones. He added: "So what you're going to see is Wi-Fi popping up in places where anyone's got two minutes to update a profile."

Free Wi-Fi has already been on a year-long trial throughout high streets in Swindon but the expansion is set to reach stadiums and will even be found on buses.

Wi-Fi on the tube in 2012?

Conveniently, this could coincide with the 2012 Olympic Games, based in London. Some 120 tube stations could be equipped with W-Fi if new proposals are given the green light.

Boris Johnson, the mayor of London said: "The roll out of Wi-Fi technology across the platforms and public areas of our tube stations will finally allow Londoners to use mobile devices to pick up their emails, access social media sites and stay in touch with the world above while they traverse our subterranean transport network."

The free use of foursquare and some travel apps, away from the heavy traffic of the unreliable 3G network, could add further convenience to the modern commuting experience.