Top Google searches during Superbowl revealed

Superbowl search success for M&M's

Data released by Google on the top Superbowl searches has revealed that M&M's were the most searched-for term on the biggest day in American sports.

With the cost of Superbowl advertising growing this year due to the increased social media exposure of such adverts, the M&M's advertising team will have been delighted to see their campaign make such an impact on internet users during the game.

Beyonce half time show drives searches

The largest growing search term during the game was for Beyonce, with a huge peak during her half time performance, which also saw Destiny's Child make the list of most searched for subjects.

On the field the Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers 34 - 31 in a thrilling contest, with the Ravens also beating the 49ers for most Google searches. Baltimore also had the most searched for player during the game, with the legendary Ray Lewis playing the final game of his 17 year career. Colin Kaepernick was the next player to feature on the list, the quarterback for San Francisco playing in just the tenth match of his career leading many people looking for more information on the youngster.

The other event to attract significant search attention was a power failure in the stadium which caused the game to be delayed by around half an hour. Such search terms as 'power outage' 'Superdome blackout' and 'why did the lights go out' all trended during this period.

Natalie Booth, head of search at theEword remarked: "The Superbowl is a hugely important event for advertisers, especially in America. With a worldwide audience of over a billion people, it is always interesting to see which events and individuals captured the imagination of the public. It will be interesting to observe whether M&M's and Beyonce's sales increase dramatically in the near future as a result of this exposure."