Sony reveals details of Playstation 4

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Playstation 4 coming by December 2013

Speaking at an event in New York last night, a Sony representative finally revealed the Playstation 4 to the world.

The Playstation 4 will boast incredibly realistic graphics, as well as increased options for sharing your gaming experience with friends. There is also a brand new controller for the console, which includes a touchpad and a light which enables movement to be tracked by a camera.

The console has been much anticipated, with it being the first new console released by Sony since 2006. The Playstation 3 has so far sold 75 million units around the world, battling with the Xbox 360 for supremacy at the top of the games console market. Microsoft are also expected to reveal a new console in the near future, however there are no details available of this at present.

Technical details of the Playstation 4

The machine was described by Sony as being like a "supercharged" computer. The console will run off an x86-based central processing unit - similar to those included in the majority of desktop computers - and an "enhanced" PC graphics processing unit. Both of these elements of the console have been designed by US firm Advanced Micro Devices.

Gamers will also be able to upload their best moments to social media networks, with the ability to rewind and record footage as they please. A further way to share with friends comes with the share button, which will allow several friends at once to view your gaming. If you get stuck at a particular point in your game, a friend can even take control of your character and attempt to perform the challenging level for you. This facility uses technology from Gaikai - a cloud-based service acquired by Sony for $380m (£239m) last year.

As well as these features, Sony also announced several major titles which will be available on the console. One such game which will be of major interest to players is 'Destiny', from the makers of the incredibly popular Halo series.

Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword, said of the announcement: "This is an exciting time for gaming fans everywhere, with the Playstation 4 looking likely to revolutionise the way the world plays their console games. Further details are sure to become available in the coming weeks, and it will also be interesting to monitor the response from Microsoft and their Xbox division."